Welcome to Pine Mountains

We are looking forward to the upcoming summer season, you and your guest are reminded to please observe Pine Mountains rules. Thank you.


Several complaints about individuals riding their ATV's/Snowmobiles through private property was reported. In Pine Mountains ATV's/Snowmobiles are to stay on designated roads and are not to create shortcuts through other properties.

Lost & Found

Check here often to see if anyone has found your lost item.


Weber Canyon Weather

Pine Mountains Map

Download or view a PDF of the Pine Mountains Lot Map


Gates Are Open

Both East and West Gates are now open for the season.

Pine Mountains Cabin Fire

South Summit Fire District crews responded to a cabin fire Tuesday, April 14, 2020, and were assisted by people in the area who were willing to lend more than a hand. Link to the news report here.

Lot Numbers

Summit County has been changing to physical addresses in the canyon over the last several years. Each property owner will need to list the physical address, as well as, lot number near driveway. This will help to locate your property in case of emergencies, such as fire, medical, sheriff, and water problems.

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