Pine Mountains Frequently Asked Questions

Firewise Principles

Here is the Firewise PDF for you to read and download.

Storage Shed - East

The East Storage Sheds are owned and operated by a private party. To obtain rental information contact Rob Pinkerton at 801-942-1491 or 435-783-7062. The parking area around the storage units is restricted to renters only.

Storage Shed - West

The West Storage Sheds are owned and operated by Pine Mountain Storage, LLC. Contact Tyler Healey at 801-910-7449 or email him at

Summit County Phone Numbers

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Wildlife Phone Numbers

If you are being bothered by bears, cougars, moose or any other wild animal and need assistance, call the Division of Wildlife Resources Ogden office at 801-476-2740, or their field officer assigned to our area at 801-541-3906.

Canadian Thistle

Canadian Thistles are the type of Thistles we have at Pine Mountains. These weeds can be controlled by using the following: 
Weedestroy AM-40 Amine SaltDimethylamine Salt of 2, 4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic Acid 
These liquid sprays are available at the IFA Feed and Seed store in Marion.

Pine Beetle

To spray and try to prevent Pine Beetles in your pine trees, the following is suggested: 
Hi Yield 55% Malathion or Hi Yield 38 plus with permethrin. 
This spray is available at the IFA Feed and Seed store in Marion.

Myrtle Spurge

Myrtle Spurge is also known as donkey tail or creeping spurge.
Myrtle Spurge can be controlled by pulling if it is a small infestation. Large infestations need to be controlled with herbicide.

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